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Unlike any other pest companies, we are the most trusted and have highly-trained specialist in town. We are proud to say this because over the past few years, we have been part of every home’s safety and every business’ success.

Every day we made sure that our experts are knowledgeable and well-equipped before sending them out to your properties. We believe that if we are going to make your house or buildings pest-free then we should be prepared and be physically fit to do so.

Our experts undergo or accomplish the following:

  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Pest Training Program and Seminars
  • Actual Field Test
  • Laboratory Visit: How Pesticides Are Made
  • Laboratory Visit: Actual Chemical Formulation of Pesticides

As part of being number one in this industry, we also aim to have the safest and environment-friendly products. This proves to show that we not only care on your infrastructure, but we also care for your health and well-being.

Benefits of hiring Pompano Beach Pest Control

  1. All-inclusive Services. We hate deceiving people and not receiving the plan that was meant for them. We always make sure that you only get the best treatments, and we are here to do them and fulfill the services that you availed.
  2. Money-back Policy. As a commitment to you and your home or building, we will do our very best to keep pests away and prevent them from coming back. If we can’t do this, your money will be returned ASAP!
  3. Professional Care. Your properties are also ours. We will treat them with the utmost care and make sure that it will be in one piece after the pest treatments are made.
  4. No hassle, No pressure approach. We will come up with a plan to solve your problem via email, or we will take it to you personally. Also, we encourage clients to say their thoughts so that if you don’t like some of the steps we initially prepare for you, we will emit it rapidly! We want you to feel happy about the choices you will make, but we will also guide you professionally on what you need.
  5. Local Support. To guide and help you execute the plan, we hire pest experts locally or nearby. We want you to feel assured that they will come on time and be available at any time when you need them.

Residential Solutions

Pests are usually found at houses in villages or in the neighborhood. Nasty creatures like bed bugs, termites, ants, flies, and fleas are the most common you’ll find.

Our experts are specializing in treating these kinds of infrastructure. As most of the treatments done in this kind of setup is straightforward and almost the same from house to house, we can easily identify what type of products and process of treatment you’ll need.

But as pests continues to evolve and some can survive even if you make the place clean, Pompano Beach Pest Experts will continue to study new ways on how do these adapt and come up with new solutions so that you will always be assured that we will eliminate them for you!

Read more about our residential services here.

Commercial Solutions

Are you a business owner in Pompano Beach, Florida that wants to be successful and known all over the city? Then you need our services to be able to stay on top of the game.

Having a pest-free environment lets your employees and prospect clients or sponsors work effectively and live in a healthier space. This will make them happy and produce perfect work outputs.

We offer variety of plans for this type of service: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. Also, we offer pre-construction and post-construction inspection so that you’ll be sure that no pest will¬†live in your buildings before you get ready for the grand opening.

Read more about our commercial services here.

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