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Pompano Beach Spider Control

Monday, October 31st, 2016

black widow

Every year we receive many calls about getting rid of spiders. There are several reasons why people seek to get rid of them in their homes.

We know that many of you hate finding any insects in your home. If you’re one of the many Americans who hate spiders in their home, we can help. To get rid of the pest problem in your home we’ll also need to get rid of the other bugs so that the spiders don’t have a source of food and a reason to come back.

There are two types of poisonous spiders here in Pompano Beach: the brown recluse and the black widow. If you or a family member has seen one of the two, then you’ll want one of our experts to come out today to protect your family and pets.

Brown Recluse Information

In most cases, the Brown Recluse that you would find in Pompano Beach, FL isn’t very large. It is usually somewhere between half an inch and an inch in size. They can be identified by its brown color, with a black stripe down its back. Some say this black line is in the shape of a violin, which results in the brown recluse also being nicknamed the fiddleback spider, brown fiddler, or violin spider. Their species doesn’t build the pretty webs that many other species do. Their webs can often appear to be random threads just put together. If you see a web-like this, you should call us immediately. Common areas that we’ve found a brown recluse in our garages, basements, sheds, and woodpiles.

Most bites happen because of body pressure, when an insect is accidentally caught against exposed skin. It can also happen while moving away from things or putting on a garment that they are present. Their species has little teeth and their bite can’t pierce through clothes.

Their bite at initial is usually painless. The bite site may become red and swollen. Most people who got bitten by this type of spider usually heals about 3 weeks.

Black Widow Removal

You’ve probably seen pictures of a black widow before. Its body is a shiny black with a red hourglass on its underside. There are three different widow species found in Pompano Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas. These are the western widow, the northern widow, and the brown widow. We’ve found black widows in houses, barns, basements, sheds and woodpiles. Their species is considered very poisonous and is quite common. You should always wear gloves when you’re reaching into an area where a black widow could be lurking.

Generally, Widow Spiders are very timid and only bite in self-defense such as when they accidentally come in contact with humans. Their bite symptoms are systemic, spreading through the body via the lymphatic system. They usually start about 1-3 hours after the bite has occurred. The most common symptoms of their bite are intense pain, rigid abdominal muscles, muscle cramping, nausea, vomiting, general malaise (not feeling well), local sweating, and hypertension (high blood pressure). If left untreated, bite symptoms will generally last 3-5 days. Treatment includes Calcium gluconate and/or antivenin which is administered to relieve or counteract symptoms.

Give Us A Call Today!

If you suspect that you have a black widow or brown recluse in or around your home, you should call us at (954) 621-1223 immediately. It’s fairly easy to kill a poisonous spider when you see it, but this won’t help to protect you from those that you haven’t seen. If you found one, you can bet yourself there are others.

No matter if you want to get rid of non-poisonous, or poisonous spiders our Pompano Beach experts can assist you. We can help remove the existing spiders from your home and prevent future pests from getting in. Just give us a call today and we’ll send out our pest removal specialists.

Pompano Beach Rodent Removal

Monday, October 31st, 2016

If you live in the Pompano Beach area, chances are pretty high that you’ll have some type of rodent problem at some point. Typically, once rodents have taken up residence in your home, they will look to nest and create a big family. You want to get rid of them before this happens.

Rodents Carry Diseases

Although you may not suspect it, rodents can pose a health risk to your family. Mice and rats have been documented to carry:

  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Tularemia

Not all rodents will carry diseases. However, they can still be a nuisance around your home because they chew on everything. They will try to raid your food, and may contaminate it in the process. They will chew through practically anything when trying to get to the food. They will even chew through a wall if they think there is food on the other side.


How Do They Enter Your Home?

Now, they don’t have to chew a very large hole because they can squeeze through tiny holes. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel while rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a half-dollar. This is usually how mice and rats originally get into a home or business. They have squeezed through some tiny hole that no one noticed. That is why any rodent control measures must include finding the gaps and holes that allowed entry in the first place. This is a service that our Pompano Beach rodent control specialists can perform for you.

Below is a list of the common areas to find these holes and gaps inside your home. Remember that mice are not restricted to low areas as they are expert climbers. The common areas are:

  • Lower corners of your attic
  • Around doors
  • Around your water pipes
  • Around the fireplace
  • Inside the attic
  • Under kitchen cabinets

We have found that steel wool is one of the most effective materials for closing these gaps. For large holes, we find that metal sheeting, lath metal or hardware cloth is the most effective. Flashing near the base of your home is another available alternative. If this all sounds like too much work for you, don’t fear. Not only can our pest control professionals get rid of your existing rodent problem, but they can prevent future mice and rats from being able to enter your home.

Call Today And Get A FREE Inspection!

Rodents are very good at staying in places that are difficult for humans to get to. Sometimes people will attempt to capture the rats themselves. Unfortunately, this can result in wasted time and money. Also, you might catch diseases trying to eliminate these creatures. It’s best to let an expert do the job for you, hazard-free, and money-wise guaranteed!

Our exterminators can remove your mice and rats in a hassle-free way. We will inspect the facts about your home and determine the best method of rodent removal. Pick up the phone and give Pompano Beach Pest Control a call at (954) 621-1223 and we can answer any queries you might have and schedule your appointment.

Pompano Beach Cockroach Removal

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Unfortunately, cockroaches are one of the things that you might have to deal with in Pompano Beach. If you think you have seen one in your house, don’t feel disgusted with yourself. Sometimes it’s not your fault at all. They are invading clean homes, and it is definitely on the rise. Even if you keep your apartment or home clean, that doesn’t mean that your neighbors do. They have also become more common with the higher number or foreclosed homes or abandoned buildings. Once this pest eat the food in a foreclosed home they’ll come looking for food in your house next. Fortunately, a well-trained Pompano Beach Pest Control exterminator can get rid of your particular problem and help to protect your home from future potential invasions.

Know About Roaches


Roaches are extremely adaptable, which means that they’re able to survive in conditions that most other pests could not. This can sometimes make it difficult to get rid of your problem. Cockroaches are not only disgusting, but they’re also dangerous to have in your home. They are often carriers of bacteria, which can easily be transferred to humans. Roaches commonly cause diarrhea and food poisoning in humans by contaminating food and dishes.

As pointed out, roaches could leave illness. They likewise leave particles behind from their cast-off skin, waste, and also their deceased bodies all over are dangerous. If you ever experience allergies or asthma, you might notice an increase in your normal signs if roaches begin attacking your home

How To Prevent Infestation?

Many people who end up with cockroaches cannot help but question how they got them in the first place. Regrettably, a lot of people obtain a cockroach problem effortlessly.

Roaches can enter your home through just about any crack they can find. To keep them out of your home you should take steps to caulk and repair any holes or gaps near pipes, baseboards, windows, and doors. You should also remove any excess scrap paper or cardboard around your home, including your garage, attic, or basement. Storing food in sealed containers is another important preventative step to take.

Our exterminator can guarantee you the safety of your family and your business. We make sure that our professionals attend seminars to keep track of the latest methods and treatments in dealing with this certain type of pest. Our company offers only the quick and effective methods for removing roaches.

Call Us Today!

In our experience, in-store solutions for cockroaches are ineffective. Our solution is stronger than anything you’ll be able to buy in a store. We’ve had customers who told us they spent over $700 trying to treat their pest problems themselves. This is much more than we’d ever charge to get rid of your cockroaches. The removal services we offer are reasonably priced and we guarantee our work. You shouldn’t have to put up with them for another day! Give Pompano Beach Pest Control a call at (954) 790-6460 today and we’ll send out our specialists to get rid of your problem.

Pompano Beach Bee Removal

Monday, October 31st, 2016

beehiveIf you have lived in Pompano Beach for any length of time, you’re probably no stranger to bees and wasps. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of removal experts. We have experts who work tirelessly to protect the residents of Pompano Beach from the threat of stinging insects. We currently offer both residential and commercial bee removal services.

Our Exterminators

Our staff commonly removes Africanized killer bees, honey bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Not only will our removal experts remove the existing threat, but they’ll also help to keep them from coming back in the future. Our staff will also remove any of the debris or remnants left behind by these insects. This usually consists of removing any nests and fecal matter left behind.

What To Do When Dealing With Bee Problem

Here is a list of what you should do when dealing with this particular problem:

  1. Bees are typically not aggressive unless they feel threatened. If you find a swarm or a hive, back up and stay away. Do not try to swat at or spray them. Be careful of Africanized bees because they do not necessarily have to be provoked to attack. They are much more aggressive.
  2. Because hive removal is as important as the actual removal of the bees, make sure that any pest removal company includes this in their quote to you. When we come to your home we’ll make sure that it’s completely sealed off, and that there are no open windows or holes in walls that these stinging insects could enter It is our priority to see that your family and pets are protected.
  3. Don’t be fooled by the insecticides sold in stores. The in-store products will only have a temporary effect on these insects. They will also not get rid of the nest itself, which is essential. Also, if the product doesn’t work, spraying them will only enrage them further. As mentioned earlier, in general, they only attack when they feel threatened. So it is best left to the professionals.
  4. Never approach a beehive. We’ve had customers get stung more than twenty times because they tried to get rid of a beehive with a broom. We can’t stress this enough: Stay away from beehives. Their attacks can be deadly to humans.

Call Us Today And Get A FREE Inspection!

If bees take up residence in part of your building, such as in the attic, fireplace or wall, then you’ll want to call a specialist immediately to ensure that you limit the damage to your structure. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any type of inspection fee. When you call us up we’ll ask you details about your problem so that we can give you an estimate right over the phone. We offer flat rates and warranties on our bee removal services, so you know we’ll do it right and you’ll know exactly how much it is going to cost. Give us a call at (954) 621-1223 today so we can show you how we’ll earn your business.